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Topic: Course & Textbook Reserves

This guide lists the course and textbook reserves available at the USF Sarasota-Manatee campus Information Commons, as well as important information for borrowers.

Course & Textbook Reserves Hub


Welcome to the Course & Textbook Reserves Guide! Here you will be able to explore the entire catalogue of text-based/physical resources held within USF Sarasota-Manatee campus' Information Commons for students use. Additionally, this guide explains the step by step process to reserve a textbook as a student, or place a textbook/course material on reserve as a faculty member.



The USF Sarasota-Manatee campus Course Reserve Catalogue is entirely physical in nature, and requires students to check out the texts in person. This guide allows uses to digitally to preview current offerings. The catalogue is broken down into several subjects/majors, as well as a test prep section which highlights different graduate program testing. See drop down boxes on the left hand side of this guide to identify all the specific "Subjects" and "Test Prep" text materials we offer. 


Checking out a Course & Textbook Reserve 

  • Students wishing to check out a reserve will follow a process very similar to that of a materials check out:
    • A student should arrive at the Information Commons during posted business hours and request a reserve item from Resource Desk staff. Additionally, students may contact Information Commons staff from their USF email address to inquire about a reserve item.
    • Student borrowers will be for their student IDs, which will be swiped to log the loan into the USF catalog.
    • Our staff will provide the student borrower with both the reserve item and instructions regarding specific limitations on the loan (for example, borrowing time limit or provisions on removing an item from campus).
  • Failure to return reserves on time may result in a hold being placed on your account.


Lending a Textbook out to the Course Reserves

Information Commons is happy to organize and consolidate faculty-provided texts and course materials within our reserves. Interested faculty may contact our librarian directly, or stop by Information Commons anytime during posted business hours to speak with staff regarding the loan process. The loaning faculty member will be asked to fill out an information form for each resource with specifics such as course(s), loan period limitations, etc. Once completed, staff members will add all new texts to our databases and begin loaning to students.